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Mission Statement

Develop youth and conserve natural resources for a strong, sustainable community.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Providing a diverse group of youth trading app without pan card and young adults with opportunities to transform their lives through education, employability, civic engagement, and leadership.

  • Caring for our environment by conserving and restoring natural resources, and by improving recreational areas.

  • Creating the environmental leaders of the future by teaching environmental ethics and behaviors to children, teens and adults.

  • Making communities safer by reducing fire and flood hazards and by responding to public emergencies and disasters.



Started in 1982, MCC is the nation’s first local non-profit conservation corps. Since then, over 3,000 thousand youth have participated in MCC’s year-round work and education programs. Corpsmembers improve their academic skills, increase their employability options, develop an ethic towards service, and learn about a variety of educational and career opportunities while at MCC. All of these gains and personal achievements take place in the context of learning to appreciate the value of conserving and protecting Marin County’s precious natural resources.

Since our inception, MCC has performed nearly 3 million hours of work on the 150,000 acres of Marin’s public lands. Each year, we provide approximately 160,000 person hours to communities, local, state and federal land management agencies, schools, special districts and homeowner associations.

MCC has served more than 100 different entities with land management and environmental education responsibilities in Marin County.

For over 20 years, MCC has provided academic support, job skills development, employment training and other services to the youth and young adults of Marin County. In addition to fire fuel load reduction work, MCC crews conduct recycling education programs in elementary schools, build trails, restore habitat, and participate in civic projects that celebrate the civic and democratic legacies of such important figures as Cesar Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. MCC connects young people to their community and teaches them how they can become integral voices and engines for social justice and change by offering them a just and fair environment in which to get their lives back on track and change their courses from self-destructive to self-aware.

The vast majority of MCC’s youth and young adult participants come from several highly distressed communities in Marin County (San Rafael’s Canal Area, Marin City and unincorporated county neighborhoods) where 87% of median household incomes hover at about $15,000 per year. Others come from San Francisco and Contra Costa from likewise distressed communities. Sixty percent of our corpsmembers are either African American (18%) or Latino (48%), with the remaining 34% being Caucasian and Asian/Pacific Islanders (28% and 76% respectively). Seventy-five percent of the corpsmembers are young men, and 25% are young women. Nearly 40% have children of their own and/or support dependents such as young siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins. Roughly two-thirds of the young adults who enter the MCC do not have their high school diploma or its equivalent when they enter. Over 320 youth and young adults are served each year by MCC.


Board of Directors

Kerry Mazzoni, Chair
Michelle C. Kenney, Vice Chair
Robert E. Marcucci, Secretary
Gary Anspach, Treasurer
Henry J. Broderick
Juanita Edwards
David Escobar
Patty Garbarino
Richard E. Hammond
Susan Kusumoto
Luke McCann
Cyr Miller
Dietrich Stroeh



Marilee Eckert, Executive Director
Deborah Schoenbaum, Deputy Director
Viola Morris, Financial Director
Laura J. Giacomini, Development Director
Terence Desborough, Education Program Manager
William Pagán, Human Resource Manager
Sandy Wallenstein, Recycling and Environmental AmeriCorps Programs Manager
Gary Miltimore, Natural Resources Manager
Sandy Miles, AmeriCorps Program Coordinator
Laura Revilla, Recycling Coordinator
Matthew Smith, Corps-to-Career Coordinator




Updated: February 5, 2008